Monday, January 17, 2011

This is what has happened in early January.

As I already told u all, January is the busiest month compared to previous years.
Jom usha~

1st January 2011.

*click* by En. Zul.

Celebrated new year at Day & Night Circle restaurant sec11 with Kekasih + Aki.
Yea...yea...but we have our own agenda.

9th January 2011.
Attended the opening ceremony for Bungalow Kg. Tun Razak at Taman Puchong Prima.
WESB was chosen  to be the developer for this project.
*oh! Swerve is a subsidiary of WESB.*

On the same say, I went to AJL 25! fuh!
lebih ramai!

Zahiril Adzim~ darn! I like him so much!
I think Ana raffali won because of Zahiril Adzim! ngeeee...

13th and 14th January 2011.
Went to Penang with Colleagues and bosses.
Site visit.
BBQ Plaza Restaurant at Gurney Plaza.

Studio Suite, Gurney Hotel.

Coffee Island, Gurney.

Hot Cappuccino.

we want to lepak here, but the kedai already closed!~

view at night from our room.

 view in the morning from our room.

 bosses and zhan hong

sumpah nak naik~
we took ferry to Butterworth.

 15th January 2011.
Fairuz's wedding - Minimalist's boss.
Minimalist also a subsidiary company of WESB.
Venue : Dewan Komuniti Lembah Pantai.

 Swerve and Minimalist girls.

Us with our boss, Andy. 

Black and Gold. 

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