Friday, January 7, 2011



I've met with the owner of Arkitek SA Noh yesterday.
Before, i just met Khairul, one of the architect from Arkitek SA Noh.
The owner's name Ar. Syed Abdullah Syed Noh.*wow..i just wondering, he might be great to have Ar. before his name. Gila susah dow nak dapat title Ar.!

He came into Swerve to sign the plans for MPAG project.
David asked me to assist him.
What surprised me is that he could remember my name but David just called my name once.
Tu pun jauh dari Tuan Syed tu.

He's so humble, seriously...I think his age is around 55++..
U know what, architect dulu2 using manual method tau..damn cool dow!
and i see how gently Tuan Syed hands moving the pen...fuh!
more tremendously, his signature berbentuk bangunan ok! pergh!*learned new word yesterday
He's from Kedah..hahaha..terloghat kedah pulak ngan dia~ LOL.

ok la....nak ZZZzzz sat.

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