Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Interior Designer.

Heeeee......I came out with this topic is becauseeeee....
I didn't sleep well for this two days u know??!
Yeah...yeah....quite penat... but i love my job yewauuu!
I dunnoo why.... heeeee...maybe because i love design....kan?
I'm done the tender drawing for e-Perolehan Cyberjaya.
wow....this is my first time ok...and! its totally different from study dulu2 ok! ow ow!

Actually I wanted to explain to all of u about
'what is the different between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator'...
nahh...toooo many differences between it ok!
nah let me explain....

Ok the biggest difference is that an Interior Designer spends more time in school Ooow...

Interior decorator
They only concerned with the look or appearance of space or building.
They can only change the aesthetics of a room.
They also can change wall, the floor and add something like decorative element
They can't do is remove or alter any standing building structure.

Interior Designer(have to mention me, coz i'm an interior designer Ooowww!)
Me, have an experience in working with architect, means that Interior Designer can alter the load bearing wall.
oh..Me also need to calculate the greatness of room to install the lights you know!
In additional me have to focused on anything.
Me also can change the roof of the building to add skylight or add exposed wood beams like what architect can do but an interior decorator cannot do the same thing!
Nah! that's why la dont say that Interior Designer jobs are easy! susah dow!

So please dont think that Eric Yeong is an Interior Designer! ok!

kerja pon gua sental bawak balik umah tau!

And starting from 2011 MSID or Malaysian Society of Interior Designers will combine with P.A.M or Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia.  
For now i'm tooo lazy to tell about the history of their organization. :D
But the reason why they combining the organization is because MSID want the Interior Designer to get registered professional status. Alaaaaa like engineer, they got Ir. in front of their names rite..

Yeah! me also want the ID. status in front of my name! can haaaa!!!
Should i be proud?
yes! i should be proud of!

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