Monday, November 1, 2010


Last friday we went to WESB melaka..
Orientation KL office with melaka office. :D

Leave KL at 12.01pm and arrive Melaka at 1.30pm..
As soon as we arrived in Melaka, we directly check in to King's Apartment..

king's apartment.

Suddenly "let's go...we r late already..oh anis can u go to google map"
heeeeee......Zhan hong asked me to search for Off jalan Tun fatimah.
but the internet was *&^^%&*& slow..

I forgot to snap WESB's building. sorry.. later la k?
Having meeting..
Intro...intro...finally I've met Melaka' staff.

Gino belanja us at Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg, Duyung for dinner...Yummiee...

I sempat to snap the nasi lemak only..
because we makan sooooo laju... hahhaha

After dinner, Yamcha at Jonker street.

Geographier at Lorong hang jebat.

Orange Cooler for me. 

Oh i forgot! 
We bought 'eye's blind' hahahhaa....


by the time they pilih2...


After yamcha, we went to Dream Box.
Our Boss wanted to listen Sin cheen singing. :D
Our Boss said "i'll pay full if sin cheen sing like Pro!"
Nah...bukan sin cheen jer...Rachel also shown the great voice...yeha!

Sin cheen.


we rock babeh!

Ok! end of the nite.. ZZzzzzz
We set the alarm for free breakfast...
Nah! Nobody bangun! :D

Went to 'Donald and lily'

We are open..

nasi + ikan curry asam.
Oh i still can remember the taste woah! 

After makan we jalan2 at Jonker Street.


Going back to kl!
oh! where ever i go 99 still with me.

99 kopitiam *love u kekasih! hahhaha..

I fall asleep from melaka till plaza tol Sg besi..
omg..Jam like *&^%^..
Penyokong Negeri sembilan menggila!~


dorg stopped the car and acted like org cacat. ups sorry...
Peace :D

heeeeeee..... thats my Melaka' story....

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